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carbon treatment chambers style 3ct

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Penguin carbon treatment chambers are available with carbon cartridges or bagged granular carbon. Each carbon cartridge chamber comes equipped with a Penguin series PC disposable carbon cartridge containing pure, low sulfur, activated carbon granules. All carbon cartridges can be replaced with filter cartridges if straight filtration is required. Carbon bag chambers contain a reusable polypropylene mesh bag to be filled with Penguin style GC sulfur-free, activated granular carbon. Depending upon the style selected, the chamber hold from 5 to 100 pounds of carbon. When the carbon becomes exhausted, only the granular carbon and not the bag needs to be replaced. Penguin granular carbon quickly reaches its saturation point in absorbing minimal amounts of brighteners yet continues to have excellent absorption for organic impurities. Following organic decontamination, the solution is automatically depth filtered through a 3 micron filter surrounding the core of the carbon cartridge or set of 3 micron filter cartridges attached to the carbon bag chamber head. This entraps all foreign particles and solids. Carbon bag chambers can easily be converted to straight filtration if required. All carbon bag chambers come equipped with a flow plate, polypropylene mesh carbon bag, short and long filter cartridge rods and an initial set of 3 micron filter cartridges used during carbon treatment.

For smaller tanks when a single carbon cartridge is adequate, these heavy duty carbon treatment chamber will accommodate a 10”, 20”, or 30” carbon cartridge. These chambers incorporate the same unique engineering designs as the Penguin style 3C/4C chamber. If straight filtration is required, a filter cartridge can replace the carbon cartridge.

Product #Product #Capacity based on 70° WaterCarbon Cartridge No & LengthTotal Carbon Weight
  3CT-63CT-60-90 GPH1-6 Inch0.4 lb
  3CT-13CT-60-90 GPH1-6 Inch0.4 lb
  3CT-23CT-60-90 GPH1-6 Inch0.4 lb
  3CT-33CT-60-90 GPH1-6 Inch0.4 lb