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filter cartridge chambers style 3c

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The most economical of filter chambers, this single cartridge unit will accommodate 6”, 10”, 20”, or 30” length cartridges. 10” cartridges may not be stacked inside a 20” or 30” chamber because there is no center rod. Because of the unique cartridge compressor design, this chamber can accept a cartridge length variance of 1/4” without any liquid by-pass. The special top knife edge moves up and down with the filter cartridge length. There are no longer any center rods protruding through the chamber top to break or stretch, and the top is now threaded onto the shell via an acme thread configuration. The inlet and outlet ports have been increased from 1/2” MPT to 3/4” FPT connections as well as the chamber diameter in order to increase the filtration flow rate and to eliminate the possibility of broken MPT inlet/outlet connections. A base is included for surface mounting. Our series CN includes a B-mount bracket for mounting the chamber on a tank lip without a base for minimal space requirements. This chamber can accept the DOE, double open end - flat cartridge configuration only.

Product #Product #Capacity based on 70° WaterWound Cartridge No & LengthPleated Cartridge No & Length - DOEPleated Cartridge No & Length - SOE
  3C-63C-60-160 GPH1-6 Inch1-6 Inch1-6 Inch
  3C-13C-60-160 GPH1-6 Inch1-6 Inch1-6 Inch
  3C-23C-60-160 GPH1-6 Inch1-6 Inch1-6 Inch
  3C-33C-60-160 GPH1-6 Inch1-6 Inch1-6 Inch