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power-packed flo king bx5000 filter systems

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Complete, preassembled, ready to operate. No plumbing.

No costly installation. Out of the box and into your tank!

A flow rate of 5000 Gallons per hour (19,000 lph) using a totally enclosed, fan-cooled, 3/4-hp (560-watt) motor
• Ideal for filtration of large tanks without fear of leaks or spills
• Available in several lengths for most tank configurations
•A clean source of agitation ... An alternative to air or mechanical agitation
• Heavy-duty yet still portable ... Use in one tank or many
• Change filters quickly without tools or downtime

Product #Product #A dimension
  BX5000-8BX5000-88 3/4 Inch
  BX5000-10BX5000-88 3/4 Inch
  BX5000-12BX5000-88 3/4 Inch
  BX5000-14BX5000-88 3/4 Inch
  BX5000-16BX5000-88 3/4 Inch
  BX5000-18BX5000-88 3/4 Inch
  BX5000-20BX5000-88 3/4 Inch