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CPVC 2-stage and 3-stage Horizontal Diffuser Pumps Series HD

Flows to 104 gpm
Pressure to 150 TDH in feet
A multi-stage pump in plastic. Designed for higher pressure applications, where a metal pump is not acceptable. CPVC construction and optional titanium shaft allows for temperatures to 200ºF. Multistage pumps are available in 2- stage and 3-stage in 1 1/2hp, 2 hp, 3hp. Series HD offers increased efficiency with smaller pump cases.

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CPVC Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps Series HV & HN

Flows to 181 gpm
True volute design featuring the latest hydraulic technology - energy efficiency, high flow and high pressure. CPVC construction where in contact with solution, no metal contact. All models available with double mechanical seal and water flush. Temperatures to 200ºF. Optional primming chambers available for Series HV.

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Polypropylene Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps Series HOM

Flows to 132 gpm
These glassfiber reinforced polypropylene pumps with a simple energy-saving volute design offer easy maintenance and high operational efficiency. Ideal for many OEM and chemical processing applications. A completely metalless diplo seal provides reliability and easy installation. The V-clamp with knob allows for easy assembly and dissasembly.

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Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps Series M & MT

Flows to 250 gpm
Corrosion resistant, leakproof, sealless magnetic drive pumps with flows to 200 gpm. Series M constructed of polypropylene and/or ryton with optional 316SS, Kynar or Hastelloy construction. Series MT pumps are constructed of polypropylene or PVDF and can handle caustics to 220ºF. Compatible with a wide range of acids and alkalies.

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316 Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump Series HSC

Flows to 140 gpm
Corrosion resistant, stainless steel pumps ideal for many O.E.M. and chemical processing applications. They feature high operational effiency and easy maintenance and are available with a single mechanical seal or double mechanical seal with water flush. Multi-stage model also available for high pressures to 140 TDH.

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